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Welcome To My On-line Movement Studio, How to Zoom with confidence & ease.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Adapting to the changing times.

Note this was written April 4, 2020 and may be updated to remain current. This blog is intended to assist participants join on-line classes.

I'm continuing to offer my classes on-line for the 3rd week.

My intention is to continue to offer high quality, regular wellness through routine, movement and connection in a private, on-line space. The best platform for this currently is using my Wix website and Zoom software. Zoom is free software for class participants (I have paid for a private room with security options).


First and foremost, there have been numerous privacy-related security concerns with zoom (none that we've experienced yet) this past week, which I have spent considerable time researching, exploring other providers, and attending zoom training (my Friday nights are exciting!). At this time, I am comfortable continuing to use zoom with the recent security features they have added in response to the concerns. Additional security features you can expect for next week's classes include;

  • Password protection for classes and private sessions - note if you use the link from me (rather than manually entering), you will not need to enter the password as the link includes it.

  • Controlled waiting room (meaning I determine who comes in to class) and

  • Locking the door once class begins.

  • Classes have never been recorded and won't be without permission.

  • More info from Zoom here (literally being updated hourly).

  • I will continue to monitor and ultimately you are responsible for your on-line choices. Zoom privacy policy.

  • Zoom is working on an integration with my Wix website/on-line booking system so this will make things even smoother.

If you are new to zoom;

  • Best to download zoom software prior to your device well in advance (and minimum 20 min of your first class to download software and check your microphone settings). Trust that even though new tech is confusing to many, once you've tried it once, you'll find it's pretty user friendly (even my mom figured it out and is now joining us for classes!)

  • Learn How to join a zoom meeting or to download Zoom to your device, click here.

  • Optional - Explore and set up your profile and settings. Zoom help center.

  • Worried your house is a mess and want to explore the software? Have some fun with a virtual background.

You will need access to my zoom room and (if entering # manually rather than clicking a link I sent you), a password. You get that when you;

  • Existing participants that were registered for March/April will get an email with links and details for easy access.

  • New and returning participants can Register for class using my on-line website booking system Note: Class registration closes 1 hr prior to class!

  • Select 'weekly classes', then click on the class you want to join (selecting drop in class or entire month of April).

  • Click the 'book now' buttons and enter your info, and 'book it' button.

  • For those wanting to pay by e-transfer or cheque in mailbox, please contact me by email or text and I'll add you in manually upon receipt of fees.

  • You will get a confirmation email with a link and password to my virtual studio.

Once registered for class, follow these 'Do's';

  • Do 'arrive'/check in to waiting room at least 5 min prior to class. If you are new to technology, arrive 10 minutes before so I can orient you. Note: I will be locking the door after community check in (enhanced security feature).

  • Do bring your yoga mat and any props,strap, or balls you have. No props needed Friday SomaSensing Class.

  • Do find a quiet place for yourself so you're not interrupted. Shut off phone ringers/notifications.

  • Do expect a brief community check in (10 min), then about an hour of movement and the same quality, accessible and joyful instruction you are used to.

  • Optional Do - Turn your video on (and adjust the camera when you are on the floor vs standing) helps me to see and teach to what I'm seeing. Although we are in my private room with multiple security checks in place, I ultimately cannot guarantee privacy.

  • If you want to see everyone - do use a larger screen (desktop, tablet, ipad, or laptop). Your i-phone or android phone work, expect to see speaker (mostly me) only.

Taking care of your nervous system.

If getting yourself oriented on-line is taking you out of your 'stress window of tolerance', consider getting help from a family member or friend who can help you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it simply may not be the best choice for your nervous system today. We are being flooded with information daily. Remember, you already have everything within you. Tap into calm through nature, reading, art and your own creative movements. If and when you feel ready to join, reach out.

I remain, as always open to suggestions, feedback and concerns. I appreciate you being here.

With warmth and optimism,



Classes & Workshops

Joy Onyschak offers a variety of unique, trauma-informed, yoga and somatic practices (currently) on-line.

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