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Welcome to Joy Somatics, the evolution of 'Yoga with Joy', celebrating 10 years in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Experience small, unique movement classes from my south St. Vital home studio, and private sessions in my modern, south St. Vital clinic. Currently all classes and private sessions are on-line. Group movement classes are offered in monthly blocks to accommodate changing guidelines. Covid-19 Update


Are you;

  • Tight, stiff and sore? Feeling restricted in your breath or movement? 

  • Wanting more resiliency, suppleness, balance and strength?

  • Having trouble slowing down/busy mind? Or feeling 'stuck'/can't get going?

  • Wanting more self awareness and a better relationship to your body?

  • Pretty sure that stress has a part to play?

  • Needing some guidance and not sure where to start?


About Joy

I help people who struggle with tension, overwhelm and disconnection with their body find the inner ease and wholeness they seek. 

As a trauma-informed movement therapist, I  hold space for people to get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can release old tension patterns and explore new possibilities.  

I offer a variety of simple, body-based practices that weave my love of movement, mindfulness and the power of human connection.

Is stress showing up in your body? Tied up in knots with tension, stiffness, and digestion problems? Trouble sleeping? Trouble slowing down or getting going? Lots of ups ...
Private Intuitive Unwind Online Intro
45 min
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Rise & Shine Drop-In
1 hr 15 min
Mon, Sat
Are you struggling with tension and stiffness in your body that you just can't seem to get rid of? Feeling overwhelmed and can't seem to focus? Reacting to life instead o...
Started Jan 12
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Refresh & Unwind Drop-In
1 hr 15 min

Freedom with every breath


Wanting a deeper dive?

I guide people who are on a path of self-discovery and want to explore what's beneath the surface. With compassionate guidance, experience the release of stored stress, held stories and belief systems from your body with this simple and profound breath practice.  


Let your body speak


Looking for mindfulness in motion?

I help people with chronic stress and pain find the inner ease and improved relationship with their bodies they desire. Efficiently release tension, learn to move from within and find more joy through simple, gentle movements designed to settle your nervous system.


Balance and harmony


Think you're too stiff and sore for yoga? Think again.

I lead yoga classes for people with tension and stiffness who want a balance of structure and freedom in their practice. Joy weaves yoga, Bodymind Ballwork and somatic movement into classes and invites people to truly find what works in their unique body.


Contact Joy

Curious on where to start? Have questions about private individual or group sessions?

Email Joy to request a free 15 minute phone consultation.


164 Vista Ave Winnipeg, MB

R2M 4Y7

Tel: 204-256-0360




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