Move. Breathe. Connect.

Joy Somatics

Welcome to Joy Somatics!  Leading individuals and groups to authentic wellness since 2009 in Winnipeg, Canada. 

I help adults experiencing chronic stress slow down and connect to their body's inner felt sense so they can restore thier nervous system and be present for life. 


​My mission

I provide practices and trainings that increase embodied self-awareness (interoception), and release stored stress to improve personal capacity, resiliency and health. Individual wellness translates into our relationships, improving the health of families and communities. 

As someone who regularly sees the ramifications of oppression and trauma through my clients, I am a strong advocate for freedom of body and speech, equity, medical autonomy and the protection of privacy. I strive to create learning spaces that are unifying & accessible. Sliding scale fees are available for all my services, including retreats. 

About Joy

As a trauma-informed somatic guide, I  help people get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can release old patterns, explore new possibilities and be more present for their lives.  

I offer a variety of simple, body-based practices that weave my love of movement, mindfulness and the power of human connection.