About Joy

I am a trauma informed yoga and somatic movement coach, breath worker and circle host. My work weaves my love of movement, mindfulness and community. I create environments for presence, connection and authenticity,  allowing people to show up as they are and tune into their best authentic selves.  

My evolution:

  • I evolve. I am a curious person who seeks out intelligent and efficient practices that help others reduce suffering and access their embodied wholeness.

  • I learn from brilliant, heart-centered, authentic teachers. I create accessible bridges for you to walk across and explore these practices.  

  • I’m most interested in the practices that weave together mindfulness, fascial health, trauma release, and nervous system regulation.

  • I value community and group experiential learning. I welcome dialogue and learn from participants as we all expand our practices.

"Always supportive and encouraging, Joy is an instructor who believes in you."

Catherine Davison

My training in somatics, yoga and holding therapeutic space:

Related and value-added skills, certifications & projects:

  • Adult Education Certificate (St. Francis Xavier University) 

  • Circle Way Practicum Studies (introduced into several peer support groups, active practice)

  • Medical Laboratory Technologist

  • 12 years combined experience in Corporate Training & Development, Quality Systems, Management, & Pharmaceutical Operations

  • Parent Leadership/Chair & member of LRSD Community Connections Committee

  • 4th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo (15 years, competitive athlete, instructor)

  • Philosophy studies – Classical Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, Theravada Buddhism

  • Vipassana, Mindfulness Meditation Training/Retreats (Shirley Johannesen)

  • Ayurvedic Studies, Yoga Health Coaching & Workshop Facilitator 

  • Proud co-creator of 'Connect, a community day for women and girls'

  • Presenter a various community and corporate health and wellness conferences/events. 

  • CPR (2020)

  • Mental Health First Aid (Basic 12 hr by Mental Health Commission of Canada)


My Passion

I provide compassionate, therapeutic space so others can find their own way to their authentic wellness. My own experience with traumatic loss, corporate burnout, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression) led me to acquire knowledge and practices that returned me to my wellness and wholeness. My passion is to share what I’ve learned and empower people to live their best life.



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