Your body knows the way


Are you are hitting a plateau or a roadblock in your journey to optimal wellness? 

Perhaps, despite your best efforts, you find yourself in a repetitive cycle that is limiting your capacity to really enjoy your life? 

Do you; 

  • Sense that your body may be 'keeping the score' from years of stress, life circumstance/events, chronic illness or medical procedures?

  • Prefer a body-based, natural approach to solving physical/emotional challenges when possible? 

  • Feel curious, open-minded and willing to mindfully explore what lays beneath the conscious surface?

  • Want to develop more mindfulness in daily life.

And you are experiencing any of these things;

  • Tension and stiffness that won't budge, no matter how much stretching, massage and physio you do.

  • Challenges with your breath, sleep or digestion.

  • Always in your head, despite wanting to be more in touch with your body and gut sense.

  • Not enough time in calm. Perhaps a roller coaster of emotions (worry to panic, frustration to rage, sadness to despair, even hopelessness at times?)

  • Feeling betrayed by your own body. 'It keeps coming back to this'. 

  • Sense something is missing in your personal healing journey, despite learning a lot from great therapists or medical professionals? 

  • Desire for more suppleness, ease in movement, and more ability to bounce back from physical or emotional setbacks.

  • Desire to be 'in the moment' and more present/connected with yourself and others. 

If you relate to a few of these, then I may be able to help you out. Keep reading to learn a bit more...

Intuitively unwind and release stuck patterns of stress, tension and trauma from your body and mind. Based on your unique needs and intentions, this session draws from ...
Private Somatic Release In-Person
1 hr 30 min

"Joy provides a safe supportive environment to allow a deep, healing connection to self through somatic breathwork. I feel a bit transformed after each session."

Danielle McLarty

-M.A. Clinical Psychology 

"Breathwork with Joy has been an important piece of my recovery puzzle. I feel hopeful and in charge of my life again."

Corinna Chichiluk


This offering is really about helping people who;

  • Are on the path of recovery from chronic stress, overwhelm and/or various forms of trauma, who want compassionate support to greet, explore and release the tension, stress and stories from their bodies.

  • Want to heal their relationships with their own bodies and experiences so they can find the self-compassion and wholeness they seek.  

  • Who know that healing and growth involves some vulnerability and a willingness to slow down and observe themselves. 


How I work with you;

I guide you towards healing your body, your relationship to it, and the way you are experiencing life. I weave a variety of mindful, body-based practices designed to help you find the solutions from within. I help you become more self-aware, release stuck tension in your body, and breathe better so you can find new possibilities for yourself.  Each one of your sessions is as unique as you are.


Depending on your needs and intentions, I weave;

  • Compassionate, somatic inquiry

  • Numa Breathwork 

  • Somatic Movement & Pandiculation therapy 

  • Basic knowledge about nervous system, fascia to support your growing self-awareness. 

  • Coaching an additional resources as needed to support your process.

  • Knowledge of nervous system function, fascia and mindfulness

What to expect 1st Session;

  • 1st session includes a conversation about what you are experiencing, somatic exploration and a personalized practice.  

  • A single session alone is very powerful and can provide insight and awareness to unconscious patterning, held tension, and increased connection to your inner felt sense. 

  • People usually report a sense of validation, hope, and possibility. 


  • While some people only need a few sessions to set positive change in motion, many folks benefit from regular guided sessions to gain the real change, stability and momentum they are seeking. 

  • You will receive simple home practices (i.e. movement, breathwork or awareness) to continue to embody and expand the learning between sessions. 

  • Clients who come regularly or join a personal coaching program report such things as; improved capacity to handle life's stresses, better sleep and digestion, more resiliency, less overall tension, improved breathing, increased self-awareness, a return of personal agency/ability to take care of themselves, and most importantly, way more self-compassion.


Any precautions? 

  • Because of the gentle, slow and mindful nature of these practices, they are beneficial even for those experiencing complex symptoms (i.e. chronic pain/illness, trauma recovery, anxiety, depression). Depending on circumstances, additional support from a trained therapist may be beneficial and/or required to work with me. I collaborate with other therapists where appropriate. 

Sounding like what you need? 

Book yourself in for a single session to explore how this work can help you. Still not sure? I offer free, 15 minute phone consults to help you determine if what I offer is a fit for you right now. 

Experience skillful and compassionate guidance to unwind and release stuck patterns from your body and mind. Based on your unique needs and intentions, this session draw...
Somatic Release Private Online
1 hr 15 min