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Your body knows the way


Hitting a plateau or a roadblock in your journey to optimal wellness? 

Perhaps, despite your best efforts (including talk therapy), you find yourself in a repetitive cycle that is limiting your capacity to be present and enjoy your life? 

Do you sense your body may be 'keeping the score' from years of stress, unresolved trauma or life circumstances? Do you prefer body-based, natural approaches to solving physical/emotional challenges? Wanting to get to the root cause of things and explore what lies beneath the surface? ​

Experiencing any of these things?

  • Tension and stiffness that won't budge.

  • Challenges with your breath, sleep or digestion.

  • Always in your head, compulsions

  • A roller coaster of emotions and energy (i.e. worry, depression, rage, stuck on high speed then crash for days, inability to get going or stay focused).

  • Sense there is 'just something missing' in your healing journey or that you might 'always be broken'.  

  • Desire for more suppleness, ease of being, and ability to bounce back from setbacks.

  • Longing for more presence.

I've guided many people experiencing these things to safely explore, release, and shift their relationship to their challenges.

Learn how to regulate and restore your nervous system with somatic inquiry, nervous system literacy, breathwork and movement. Develop more self awareness, presence, and ...
Private Somatic Release (In-Person)
1 h 30 min

"Joy provides a safe supportive environment to allow a deep, healing connection to self through somatic breathwork. I feel a bit transformed after each session."

Danielle McLarty

-M.A. Clinical Psychology 


"Breathwork with Joy has been an important piece of my recovery puzzle. I feel hopeful and in charge of my life again."

Corinna Chichiluk


What to expect in your first session;

As we go over your intake questionnaire, you'll receive compassionate inquiry related to your experiences and symptoms, and a personalized practice.  A single session alone is often very powerful and often provides a lot of insight. It also provides us with information about the best path forward.  People usually report a sense of validation, hope, and possibility. 

​How I work with clients;

Because your experiences, preferences and intentions are unique, I weave a variety of practices to best serve your needs including;

I know you want sustainable change, not just a 'one-of' experience.  

We both know that healing and growth involves some vulnerability and steady effort over time. While some people only need a few sessions to set positive change in motion, many benefit from regular guided sessions to gain the real change, stability and momentum they are seeking. This is especially true for those working through complex things (i.e. childhood adverse events, trauma and deep seated belief patterns, habits and addictions).


This is why I offer an 8-week private container of support/ coaching package, which includes;

  • Customized 1:1 Somatic sessions 

  • Access to private client resource page (journalling, library of movement classes, breathwork, and nervous system theory)

  • Coaching and home practices to embody the learning between sessions. 

  • Available online or in-person (St. Vital, Winnipeg)

  • Rural sessions (near Manitou, MB) can be arranged (message me)

  • Bi-weekly and weekly options, depending on needs.

Clients who come regularly or join a personal coaching program report such things as; improved capacity to handle life's stresses, better sleep and digestion, more resiliency, less overall tension, improved breathing, increased self-awareness, a return of personal agency and ability to take care of themselves, and most importantly, more self-kindness in life's challenging moments. 


Any precautions? 

Because of the gentle, mindful nature of these practices, they are beneficial even for those experiencing complex symptoms (i.e. chronic pain/illness, trauma recovery, anxiety, depression). Depending on circumstances, additional support from a trained therapist may be beneficial and/or required to work with me. I collaborate with other therapists where appropriate (and with your permission).  

Does this sound like something you need right now? 

Simply book yourself in for a single, intake session to experience the benefits. Available both in-person (South St. Vital, Winnipeg) or on-line using zoom.  


Learn how to regulate and restore your nervous system with somatic inquiry, nervous system literacy, breathwork and movement. Develop more self awareness, presence, and ...
Somatic Release Private Online
1 h 30 min
Recent Somatic Coaching Testimonials

"Thank you so much Joy for guiding me on the right path to healing. After my first session with you, I knew I needed to sign up for more. The trauma I endured as a child stemmed deep and has caused me to feel stuck in my adult life in many ways. It is through your somatic therapy that I feel I finally dove deeper than ever and I now feel I have the tools to tackle the stressors that come my way going forward. I understand that self-healing is a life-long journey and I will continue to make the effort. I am grateful for the work you do and how much you care about others. I have learned so much thank you! " ~ C.M. 

"Meeting Joy has been life-changing for me. Joy is an angel. Her holistic approach is what was missing in my life. She has helped me on my journey of healing from burnout in releasing and regulating my emotions through somatic movement, breath-work and nervous system coaching. Through the Polyvagal and trauma-informed lens, Joy helped me understand how my body is stuck in survival mode and how to relax (tone) my vagus nerve, incorporating various exercises and lifestyle changes to better my health. Thank you Joy for everything." ~ Aya
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