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Let your body lead


Are you struggling with tension and stiffness in your body that you just can't seem to get rid of? Are you managing chronic pain or illness, feeling overwhelmed or inability to focus? Wanting to get back to inner calm, resiliency and suppleness in your body? 


Perhaps you've tried other things (yoga, massage, talk therapy, meditation) that have helped, but sense there is still a piece of your 'body-mind puzzle' that is missing. It's not missing.  You've just forgotten. Perhaps you need to remember how to intuitively unwind. 

This practice, informed by SomaSensingTM Somatic Therapy and Somakinese School, places the body (nervous system and fascia) at the heart of healing. Through inquiring guidance, you'll explore simple, gentle techniques that rejuvenate your tissues and provide an efficient route back to calm and wellness. You will remember how to move to nature's design, and intuitively release held stress and tension.  


How to begin;

Participants report;

  • Reduced tension and pain,

  • Increased self awareness and better 'gut sense',

  • More resiliency, able to 'bounce back', 

  • A sense of wholeness and connection  to inner calm,

  • Better sleep quality,

  • Improved ability to attend and take care of themselves,

  • Empowered ease and 'readiness' for life. 


Your body knows the way and Joy will help you remember. Join her introductory courses, or book a private session to explore this simple, efficient and effective practice.  

"My body feels so much stronger. And I haven't worked out. Really strong, like I found lost strength. "



'The approach that I’ve needed for years...a valuable missing piece that I haven’t found in other practices...

I have more room to breathe and have gained more awareness to respond effectively.

This kind of work helps you help yourself. 

Thanks Joy!'

 -Garrett L. 

Note: rates for intro and single sessions increased Sept 4. If you are a returning clients, please explore the 'Somatic Packages' under the 'SERVICE' Tab. Depending on...
Private Somatic Session In-Person
1 hr 30 min

Hester's Story (online private client);

‘As the fortunate survivor of a non-malignant brain tumour, I have lived a bit off-kilter the past five years. Weakness, chronic pain, headaches all slowing me down. I’d sampled dozens for somatic therapies before I found SomaSensing. Joy helped me beyond my expectations, and also provided me with a lasting solution for joint mobility in my knees, hips and neck.

I was nervous about attempting such sensitive work over Zoom, but Joy has been the perfect guide. Through inquiry and gentle instruction, she introduced me to a simple practice that opened my awareness to some patterns that caused me to stiffen up BEFORE the pain started. She was fully present, took notes and provided me with home practices each week. After 12 weekly sessions and some daily homework, I plotted out new neural pathways and established better balance.'

- Hester Riches

Read more about Hester's story here. 

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