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Are you struggling with your body? Feeling disconnected to it due to stress? Still experiencing chronic tension and pain after all these years? Are you managing a chronic illness? Is all this affecting the quality of your sleep?  The quality of your life? Are you seeking more self-awareness and mindfulness to make better choices for yourself? Do you want to find inner calm and make peace with your body?

With inquiring guidance, learn to let your body lead they way to resilience and one-ness. Explore simple, gentle techniques that rejuvenate your tissues and settle your nervous system. Gain insights into your body’s needs by listening to sensations within. Experience mindfulness in motion and re-discover intuitive healing movements.


Joy leads introductory courses, weekly classes and private sessions in SomaSensing, which is a trauma-informed, somatic movement-based therapy, that places the nervous system and the body at the heart of  healing. Fascia is our sensory, connective tissue and its state is both affected and effects our nervous system. It holds implicit memory, shapes us and intelligently responds to life. This is an area of ever-expanding research.


To learn more about SomaSensing and Joy's training;

Participants report;

  • Reduced tension and pain,

  • Increased self awareness and better 'gut sense',

  • More resiliency, able to 'bounce back', 

  • A sense of one-ness and calm,

  • Better sleep quality,

  • Improved ability to attend and take care of themselves,

  • Empowered ease and 'readiness' for life. 


Your body knows the way. Joy will help it to remember. Join her courses, classes or book a private session to explore this simple and efficient practice.  


"My body feels so much stronger. And I haven't worked out. Really strong, like I found lost strength. "


'The approach that I’ve needed for years...a valuable missing piece that I haven’t found in other practices...

I have more room to breathe and have gained more awareness to respond effectively.

This kind of work helps you help yourself. 

Thanks Joy!'

 -Garrett L. 

In an on-line group setting, learn simple, gentle movements that rejuvenate your tissues, release tension and stiffness from stress. Discover insights into your body’s ne...
Intro to SomaSensing Somatic Movement
Started Sep 24
Note this service is also available in person at 3 locations; -Wed (2:30-9:00) @ 230-600 St. Anne's Rd (Purely Massage), -Thursday Evenings (5:00-9:00) @ 209-161 Staffo...
Private SomaSensing Intro
1 hr 30 min
Are you experiencing tension and stress? Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness? Experience this movement practice from the comfort of your home. Using an easy to u...
Private SomaSensing On-line
1 hr
Nothing to book at the moment
This class/drop in is intended for those who are familiar with SomaSensing (Participated in Intro Course or had private sessions). Note: This is the on-line zoom option....
SomaSensing Weekly Class on Zoom
Started Sep 11



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