Covid-19 Update April 2021: Due to current restrictions (class size and requirement to wear masks indoors while exercising), group classes are currently on-line. 

General precautions related to reduce spread Covid-19 (in-person);

I care about your comfort, and privacy. Thus, the following are in place for private, in-person sessions. 

  • Stay home if you are ill. Short notice cancellations for private sessions  due to illness will not be charged.

  • Time and cleaning between clients.

  • Modifications for comfort, including distance and masks, other as needed by the client. 


  • Group in-person TBD (In-person classes on hold)

  • Private sessions are offered at Suite 230 - 600 St. Anne's Rd (Purely Massage). 


  • At home studio, park on street or in driveway.

  • 600 St. Anne's Rd has a large parking lot.


  • Home Studio is in the lower level. Please enter via garage which opens 15 minutes prior to class start times. 

  • 600 St. Anne's - Suite 230 (Purely Massage). Elevator access. Door is locked, arrive just in time. 


A cat is in the home studio but not in the studio during classes. Essential oils are sometimes diffused. Let Joy know if you have allergies and precautions will be taken. 


Physical: 600 St. Anne's Rd has elevator access. Navigating stairs with a hand-held railing is required at home studio.

Financial: I am partnered with The Community Care Fund. If you need assistance accessing services with me, please reach out to me and/or apply for your own funding. 

Register & payment:

Book your class or private session online.  You can pay online using credit card,  manually via e-transfer (joy@joysomatics.ca) and in person with cheque, cash or credit card.

Booking a Private Session; 

Book online. Payment accepted on-line or in person at appointment. If you are not sure what to book, contact me to discuss how I might be of service to you. 

Cancellation policy:

Group Classes: No refunds, exchanges, or credit for missed classes.

Private Classes: 24 hour notice is required for cancellation and rescheduling. $25 fee for less than 24 hrs notice (unless ill).

Questions about the practices:


What is Somatics?

Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes physical perception and experience. It stems from the latin word, soma, meaning ‘the body as perceived from within’.  It is an emerging field with promising results helping improve self awareness, release and heal stored stress.  Joy offers a variety of felt-sense practices to suit individual needs, including Somatic Movement, Numa Breathwork, Yoga and Bodymind Ballwork in both group and private settings. 

What is yoga?

The word yoga means ‘to yolk or unite’ and is often described as felt wholeness or oneness of the physical body, mind and spirit. This state of yoga can be achieved in a large variety of ways, including and not limited to various yoga practices, somatic movement, meditation, art, dance or simply being deeply present in nature. There are many, many paths in.

What is 'somatic-approach yoga'?

Although Joy has extensive training in therapeutic yoga alignment, her yoga classes are currently also influenced by her on-going somatic studies. That means, we let go of the idea that there is a right and wrong way to move. We practice cultivating awareness of our own bodies through felt sense. Expect to be guided into movement and various shapes (yoga postures) with options to find variations that work for your body.  In my classes, you have permission to explore what works best for you. 

What is Bodymind Ballwork? Where do I get balls?

Bodymind Ballwork is a mindful self massage method (created by Ellen Saltonstall) that uses variety of rubber balls and gentle pressure to release tension and stress. Balls are available for sale and range from $3-$14 each. Joy includes about 15 minutes of Bodymind Ballwork in yoga class, and offers more in-depth classes, workshops and private lessons. 

What should I consider when choosing a yoga studio or teacher?

I recommend you drop in with a few teachers/studios to see what feels like a 'fit'.  A few things to consider;

  • Class size & your needs for comfort and safety

  • Qualifications & experience. Learn more about Joy.

  • What level of class are you looking for? I offer basic level classes. If you are looking for advanced level yoga with peak poses to 'accomplish', this isn't your place. (I used to practice that way but it's not where I'm at anymore). If you are looking for basic simple ways to tune-in, tune-up and refresh your body, you will likely enjoy it here. Especially if you have a few aches and pains that need more mindful approach and like some freedom to explore and do things your own way sometimes.  I balance instruction/guidance with bit of exploration. 

What is fascia?

Myo means muscle and fascia is connective tissue. Fascia is a specialized, dense web that covers, interconnects and interpenetrates our entire body. It is a continuous structure, linking the entire body like the yarn of a sweater. It is a sensory tissue that shapes us and is shaped by what we think, feel, how we move and don't move. Acute and chronic stress and surgery create myofascial restrictions creating pain, tension and/or lack of motion.  

Other questions;

Do you have a sliding scale fees/discounts?  

Joy supports and offers discounted services though The Community Care Fund. If you are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance to access my services, reach out to me or apply for yourself for services with me. 


Do you teach in schools or workplaces?

Yes. I often work with high school students and in workplaces. Please contact me to discuss your groups needs. This can be arranged in person with physical distancing, outdoors and on zoom. 

Do you offer workshops?

Yes. And I enjoy the learning and creativity that comes with collaborating with other practitioners to create unique workshops and retreats. Contact me to discuss. 




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