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Group Somatic Movement Classes are resuming in January 2024 online.

Locations of 1:1 Sessions

  • St. Vital Suite 230 - 600 St. Anne's Rd (Foundations/Purely Massage). Ample parking in lot. Elevator access. 

  • Manitou, MB (2 hr SW Winnipeg, 30 min W Morden)  Suite 8, 359 Main Street - no stairs.

Financial Accessibility:

Insurance Services are typically not covered by health insurance unless you have a health care spending account where you can choose non-regulated, non-licensed services. 

Sliding scale rates are available for those experiencing loss of income due to to job losses and trauma recovery, oppression. Email Joy to express your needs. Decisions based on Joy's discretion.

Register & payment:

Book your class or private session online or via email. 

Cancellation policy:

Group Classes: No refunds, exchanges, or credit for missed classes.

Private Sessions: 24 hour notice is required for cancellation and rescheduling. Fees for less than 24 hrs notice apply. 

Questions about the practices:


What is Somatics?

Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes physical perception and experience. It stems from the latin word, soma, meaning ‘the body as perceived from within’.  It is an emerging field with promising results helping improve self awareness, release and heal stored stress.  Joy offers a variety of felt-sense practices to suit individual needs, including Somatic Movement, Numa Breathwork, Yoga and Bodymind Ballwork in both group and private settings. 

What is Bodymind Ballwork? Where do I get balls?

Bodymind Ballwork is a mindful self massage method (created by Ellen Saltonstall) that uses variety of rubber balls and gentle pressure to release tension and stress. Balls are available for sale and range from $3-$14 each.

What does 'myofascial' mean?

Myo means muscle and fascia is connective tissue. Fascia is a specialized, dense web that covers, interconnects and interpenetrates our entire body. It is a continuous structure, linking the entire body like the yarn of a sweater. It is a sensory tissue that shapes us and is shaped by what we think, feel, how we move and don't move. Acute and chronic stress and surgery create myofascial restrictions creating pain, tension and/or lack of motion.  

Do you teach in schools or workplaces?

Joy has extensive experience leading highschool students, non-neurotypical adults and in corporate workplace wellness programs. Please contact her to discuss your group's unique needs. 

Do you offer workshops and retreats?

Yes!  Joy offers workshops and retreats that weave Bodymind Ballwork, Conscious Connected Breathwork and Somatic Movement and Circle. She has been a presenter for workplace wellness events, wellness festivals & expos and is currently hosting rural retreats at her country property in Southern Manitoba. 

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