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Freedom with every breath


Are you a curious, open-minded person who wants to explore what lays beneath the surface? Perhaps you've hit a roadblock in your self-growth or feel like you're in a rut, repeating the same old patterns.  Having difficulty breathing? Tension that won't budge? Do you sense that your body is 'keeping the score' from traumatic events, years of accumulated stress, or family/social conditioning?  Are you looking for a natural way to safely explore and resolve these things?   


In this practice, you will consciously explore your unconscious using a simple, compassionately guided breathing process designed to optimize oxygen delivery and facilitate the release of stored stress in the body. 

What is Numa Breathwork?  

'Numa Breathwork is a transformational practice that strategically weaves together the power of Conscious Breathwork, somatic movement explorations, mindful somatic inquiry, and sound vibration.  It is a psychosomatic therapeutic process, an insightful dive into non-ordinary states of consciousness and a catalyst to resolve suffering.' - Trevor Yelich, founder.  More information about this practice and Joy's training.

"Joy provides a safe supportive environment to allow a deep, healing connection to self through somatic breathwork. I feel a bit transformed after each session."

Danielle McLarty

-M.A. Clinical Psychology 


"Breathwork with Joy has been an important piece of my recovery puzzle. I feel hopeful and in charge of my life again."

Corinna Chichiluk

Learn how to regulate and restore your nervous system with somatic inquiry, nervous system literacy, breathwork and movement. Develop more self awareness, presence, and ...
Private Somatic Release (In-Person)
1 hr 30 min

Breathwork sessions are currently offered both online and in-person with client-focused safety-comfort modifications.


What can I expect during a session?

Your session begins with review of your intake questionnaire. Following intake, and depending on your unique needs, a session may consist of:

  • Somatic inquiry (exploring emotions and sensations that come up during intake discussion).

  • You are guided into conscious, connected, circular breathwork (full vibrant inhale, relaxed exhale with no pauses), whereby you are able to have vivid and mindful, somatic experiences while being deeply present.

  • The experiences vary with each individual at each session. They may include (not limited to), awareness of sensation, physical and emotional release, visualizations, memory recall, or simply oxygenated, nurturing rest. It is best to have no expectations.

  • I guide and hold space for your process by observing, inquiring, listening, and at times applying gentle pressure to specific areas of your body (when in person and with permission) based on my training. Your body leads the way.

  • The first time, you may simply experience a new way to breathe, relax into presence and practice letting go.


How does this work?

The body is innately intelligent and is able to heal itself. Constantly seeking balance, our awareness is brought to whatever needs to be resolved. The breath acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, between the mind, body and the spirit and attunes us to our deep intuition, which will always direct us to the best outcome.


What are the possible benefits of this practice?

  • Feeling lighter and free of burdening emotions

  • Experiencing insights

  • Release of suppressed emotions

  • Recall of memories

  • Reduction of physical tension and pain

  • Improved breathing and respiratory function

  • Improved sense of well-being

  • Increased calm and resiliency


What are some of the health precautions? 

  • Contagious respiratory diseases


The following can participate with gentler modifications:

  • Cardiovascular disorders (uncontrolled high BP, aneurysms, history of heart attacks, myocarditis, atrial fibrillation) 

  • Advanced kidney disease and diabetes 

  • Detached retina and glaucoma 

  • Pregnancy (1st & 2nd trimester only). 

  • PTSD/cPTSD (recommend the additional support of trauma trained psychotherapist).


What should I bring?

Your curiosity and a willingness to let go of what you don’t need.

Learn how to regulate and restore your nervous system with somatic inquiry, nervous system literacy, breathwork and movement. Develop more self awareness, presence, and ...
Somatic Release Private Online
1 hr 30 min
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