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Private Somatic Session


Are you experiencing:

  • Tension and stiffness that won't budge

  • Challenges with your breath, sleep or digestion

  • Always in your head, trouble slowing down, constant worry, lack of focus

  • Stuck, lack motivation, keeping yourself small, numbing out. 

  • Yo-yoing between highs and lows 

  • Sense there is 'a piece missing' in your wellness puzzle

  • Have no idea why your body reacts the way it does 

"Her holistic approach was what was missing in my life." ~ Aya

Despite your best efforts and various therapies over the years, do you:

  • Repeat patterns that limit your peace, presence and joy in life?

  • ​Sense your body might be holding onto chronic stress and unresolved trauma?

  • Desire a body-based, natural approach to resolving your health challenges?

  • Want to address root cause and shift from reaction to mindful response?


I help adults safely explore and process the tension, emotion and sensations stored in their bodies from chronic stress and traumatic life events so they can restore resilience and be present for their lives.

What to expect in your first session;

  • Intake with compassionate inquiry about your life experiences, symptoms and desired outcome.

  • Client-Centered, body-based practices to explore, learn and self-regulate. 

  • Most people report a sense of deeper self-understanding of what's going on, validation, relief, hope, and possibility after their first session. 

​Based on your needs, I weave body-based practices into your session;

Any precautions? 

All the practices are modified and are customized to suit your unique needs. In general, this work is suitable to those experiencing complex symptoms (i.e. chronic pain/illness, trauma recovery, chronic anxiety and depression).

  • Movement practices are very gentle.

  • Sessions are trauma informed, meaning digestible and not overwhelming 

  • Breathwork is client-centered.


How to get started:

  • Book a NEW CLIENT INTAKE session 

  • You'll experience benefits, gain tools and glean insights for your path forward. 

  • Sessions are available both in-person (South St. Vital, Winnipeg and Manitou, MB) or on-line.

"Joy has made a huge difference in my life. I worked with several different people before meeting Joy, and am really grateful for her approach. Joy takes great care in offering her insights and experience while being so present with me during sessions. I can see - and feel - the passion she has for her work. Each session has allowed me to make more and more progress towards using somatic-based skills to manage stress and anxiety. Joy has been encouraging and gentle while guiding my sessions and teaching very helpful exercises for breathwork."  ~ Lisa


WAITLIST for new clients at St. Vital location. Email to be added. New Assessments are offered in St. Vital (Wed-Fri) and in Manitou, MB (Sundays) ...
New Client Assessment In-Person
1 hr 30 min
Also available in-person (Tuesdays in St. Vital & Sundays in Manitou) Your 90 min session includes; ~ medical history and review of symptoms (completed forms must be sub...
New Client Assessment Online
1 hr 30 min

Needing consistent support for complex, chronic symptoms?

  • Symptoms related to complex trauma history (i.e. childhood adverse events, intergenerational trauma, addictions), require consistent support over time.

  • A 10-week container of support  is available for those needing weekly support and co-regulation.

  • Additional care from a licensed therapist may be recommended (referrals and collaborations with therapists are welcome). 

  • Clients report increased self-awareness and capacity to handle stress, improved sleep and digestion, sense of agency, and increased self-kindness.

Learn about the 10 week 1:1 Somatic Reset

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