Balance and harmony


Are you looking for a guided movement class that has the benefits of yoga with encouragement to explore what works best for your body? Do you have some unique needs or limitations? Are you needing to schedule in some self care? Wanting to keep things simple?


Rejuvenate, reduce tension, improve range of motion, gain integrated strength and access inner ease with a weekly 'time-in' with your body. Experience freedom within structure using a unique and blended approach to traditional yoga. Learn to listen to your body’s needs and how to self-adjust. 

My practice and teaching weave a variety of modalities that lead participants to an embodied sense of yoga, including:

  • hatha yoga, somatic movement and Bodymind Ballwork (mindful myofascial release using rubber balls); and

  • time to arrive and set intentions for your practice and time at the end for integration and rest.

I offer group classes and private sessions for individuals or groups. 

"I always feel revived after Joy's classes. I have been able to reduce my chiropractic and physio appointments for chronic back issues because of my weekly practice."

Samantha Sirtonski

No class July 27. Start your week focused, energized and grounded with this unique combination of yoga, somatic movement and Bodymind Ballwork. Experience freedom of mo...
Rise & Shine @ Home Studio
Starts Jul 6
Note: Although the class is full, this same class takes place on-line at 12-1:15 so you can participate from the comfort of your own home (see 'Group On-line'). Take yo...
Move to Soothe @ Home Studio
Starts Jul 7
Customized session for individuals in a private, confidential setting. Based on your unique needs, we can create any blend of yoga, myofascial release using rubber balls ...
Private Blend to Mend
1 hr

"I love Bodymind Ballwork. I feel tight spots and trigger points release. My body feels so free from tension after doing these classes."

Kathy McCaw

BodyMind Ballwork

Practice mindfulness while releasing stuck-ness in your body.  Experience greater range of motion, increased fluidity of movement, and reduced stress. You will learn self-massage of common areas of tension using various sizes and densities of rubber balls, principles of release and how to re-pattern your body.


This is a portable, personalized and empowering method that promotes self-awareness, presence and injury prevention. Joy often weaves this practice into yoga classes and workshops. 


Balls are available for purchase.

No class July 29. Take time to uwind your tissues and take care of your body. Experience improved range of motion and access inner ease through this unique combination...
Mid-Week Unwind @ Home Studio
Starts Jul 9



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