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Welcome to Resilient

Restore presence. 

A 5-week course to restore calm and resilience in your body, heart and mind through Nervous System Awareness, Somatic Movement & Breathwork. 


'Interoception is a way of monitoring ourselves so that we can ease the felt pain, expand the felt joy and make sure we get the resources needed in any given moment.'  - Alan Fogle 


'The quickest way to get out of your mind is to get into your body.'

-Joanne Avision


'This practice has been a way of freeing myself during this time.'

    - Gisele Clark (past participant)


'Sometimes choices are better made by the body than the mind.'

-Dr. Claudia Welch


Restore presence. 

Welcome to 'Resilient', 

A 5-week course to restore calm and resilience in your body, heart and mind through Nervous System Awareness, Somatic Movement & Breathwork. 

Next session begins Nov 1 - 29 

Are you;

  • Experiencing chronic stiffness or pain?

  • Looking for a gentle, mindful movement practice?

  • Always in your head and want to improve your connection to your body?

  • Having a hard time slowing down or getting going? 

  • Wanting more youthful suppleness in your body?

  • Curious about your nervous system and want more tools to regulate? 

  • Needing more joy, creativity and capacity to experience beauty?

  • Simply wanting a life filled with more presence & calm?

Through somatic movement, basic nervous system theory and exploration, you will;

  • Increase your connection to your body's inner felt sense (interoception)- a key component to long term health and recovery from chonic stress and burn out. 

  • Learn gentle, simple movements that relese tension efficiently and improve your suppleness.

  • Learn basic nervous system theory and become more aware of your unique tendencies. 

  • Explore a variety of body-based tools to regulate your nervous system.

  • Restore your sense of calm and resilience, improving your abilty to 'bounce back from stressful states.  

  • Befriend your body and increase your appreciation and trust in your ability to 'bounce back'.   


  • Online:  Tuesday 7-830 pm CST on zoom

  • Class format is check-in, 45 min movement/practices, group discussion & debrief 

  • Access to class recordings if you miss live calls

  • Weekly email with 15-30 min theory videos (polyvagal theory, fascia & burnout)

  • Self reflection, journaling  & home practices to develop self awareness & your own practices that really work for you.

  • Access to a library of mindful movement classes (yoga, bodymind ballwork and somatic movement)

Nothing to book at the moment

What is Somatic Movement?

'Soma' is a Greek word that means 'to perceive the body from within'. Somatic movement is both MOVING FROM INNER FELT SENSE (instead of alignment instructions) and NOTICING WHAT YOU SENSE as you are moving. The main benefits include;

  • Improved interoception (inner felt sense) Vvital to our wellness and abiliity to take care of needs.

  • Improved suppleness and adaptability,

  • Increased 'gut' and emotional sense,

  • More calm and improved presence and focus.   


As a somatic practitioner, I help people recovering from chronic stress who are diconnected from their bodies release patterns of tension and access the joyful, calm presence they seek.  I love sharing this work because it's efficient and simple. 

This practice takes me back to being a kid. Finding movements I enjoy.

- Claudia Keating (past participant)

Common Questions;

  • What if I miss a class? Will I fall behind?

    • The classes will be recorded for you to take in at your convenience. The classes do build on each other weekly, but totally fine if you miss a week. 

  • Can I drop in?

    • No. Participants need to register for the entire session. 

  • I've taken somatic movement courses with Joy Somatics before, how will this be different?

    • I've offered this class for several years and as my knowledge expands, so do my offerings. This course will include more succint nervous system theory (in short, easy to digest video format), and a variety of body-based tools (in addition to movement) for you to explore and help you regulate. 

  • Is there a sliding-scale fee?   

    • Yes. If you are experiencing financial hardship due to mandates or trauma recovery, you can access the online training at a reduced rate - simply reach out to me and ask. 

    • If you've taken this training before and want a refresher, use coupon code MOREJOY30

  • What do I need to participate?

  • No special equipment or prior experience ​

  • Online: Access to zoom, few square meters of space (outside if your wifi permits) 

  • Your curiosity and willingness to slow down and try something new. 

  • 90 min for weekly class and about another 90 min to watch theory videos, journal and practice on your own. 


'I wish I had found this practice years ago. The benefits go beyond my yoga practice and with such little effort.'

          - Zareeda Awang (past participant)

"Your teachings have been really impactful for me. You've given me the tools I need to truly care for myself in difficult moments"

                        - Jocelyne Nicolas (July 2022)

Nothing to book at the moment
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