‘Connections & Containers of Support'  

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A weekend retreat to embody key concepts required to 

 Hold Space for ourselves and others

with Emily Gillies & Joy Onyschak


January 20-22, 2022  

Kaleida, MB

Join us for weekend to explore and practice the fundamental concepts required to 'hold space' for ourselves and others. Develop language and expand your self-awareness required to avoid resentment, burn out and controlling outcomes in your supportive roles. Practice tuning in to your own needs and make connections with others who are exploring this work in their lives. 
Who is this for? Who is a 'space holder'? 
This retreat is meant for those who are in roles of caring for and creating containers of support for other people, both professionally and in family or community-based situations.  This includes those who have significant roles as 'essential care-givers' of famlily or friends as well as professional therapists, ministers, coaches and teachers.  

Over the weekend, you will:
  • Learn fundamental principles:
    • What is Holding Space - What, Why & When Not to​
    • Being the Bowl - Strengthening your unique container
    • Membranes & Boundaries - Honoring your own needs 
  • Experience and practice elements of circle - a lot more than just passing the talking piece
  • Learn basic autonomic nervous system literacy (Polyvagal Theory), begin to identify your unique tendencies and how these patterns can get in the way
  • Practice holding space for yourself and tuning into your 'gut sense' with guided body-based practices meant to increase your felt-sense awareness (weave of basic yoga, somatic movement, an introductory conscious connected breathwork journey)
  • Develop more intuition for your self-care and nervous system regulation (rather than getting by or numbing out)
  • Experience authentic connection through circle, great food, fire side chats around the wood-stove, and down-time in nature
  • Release stress and find inner calm, while being held in the container of this home, the quiet country-side and the circle we'll co-create. 
  • Note the retreat is co-ed and is dry to facilitate authentic connection and sharing. 
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Located in Southern Manitoba, 1 mile from scenic Pembina Valley
(2 hr SW Winnipeg, 2 hr SE Brandon, 1 hr S Portage, 30 min West of Morden - Expect 10 min of gravel road travel)
Recently renovated, 70 yr old farmhouse on private 7.5 acres
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New pillow-top mattresses; spacious, modern, shared washrooms; wifi 
Includes 5 nourishing, locally sourced meals plus snacks.
Most dietary needs will be accommodated.
No pets on site - just the birds, fox and deer.
A mobile sauna has been rented for this event!
Note: Option to add on in-house massages with local therapist. 

Limited space (6-8 participants, depending on accommodation preferences) 

Fees: Early Bird Dec 21
Shared Occupancy (Queen bed): $475 pp (Book with a friend or family- 2 rooms available)
Single Occupancy: $675 pp (3 rooms available). 
Sleep offsite (option for local participants): $375
All fees increase $50 after Dec 21

To book: Click on the 'Book It' button below. 
A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to reserve your seat. Balance due Jan 13.  
This is the deposit to reserve your seat for 'Connection & Containers of Support' Retreat. Friday Jan 20 @ 7pm - Sunday Jan 22 @ 3pm Kaleida MB (2 hr SW Winnipeg, 2 hr...
January Retreat Deposit

Meet your hosts & facilitators...

Joy & Emily met at an introduction to 'The Circle Way' in 2016 and later at the Centre for Holding Space (the work of Heather Plett) as founding students and mentors/faculty.  Drawn to each other's authenticity, they weave their work and passions with joyful friendship and curiosity.

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About Emily Gillies
Emily is a Master Practitioner with the Centre for Holding Space, currently in her 4th year of co-facilitating online Holding Space programs to a diverse worldwide audience. Emily offers in-person workshops and retreats, and one-on-one coaching. Emily is also an artist, a musician, a lay-supply minister, and a reiki practitioner; all with a focus on mindfulness. Believing we all have our own best answers inside, Emily loves to create spaces where we can tune into and celebrate our unique inner wisdom.

About Joy Onyschak
Joy helps people get out of their heads and into their bodies, so they can find self-kindness, presence and connection in their lives. As a trauma-informed somatic guide, she weaves movement, breathwork & circle into unique classes, courses & intimate retreats. She is certified yoga teacher, nervous system coach, Certified Holding Space Practitioner and Circle Way host. Learn more about Joy

Past Retreat Testimonials  
(same location & format, with different co-host)
"With the wisdom of the hosts, the supportive environment, and the collective energy of the group I had an amazing insight that is nothing less than profound. With loving guidance I was able to connect some dots within myself that has created a shift that peppers all my thoughts and conversations with myself. I highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to improve their mental and physical health through self discover." ~ Rebecca Lea Flores

"This was my first weekend retreat I’ve ever gone on so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I came back feeling so grateful and so much more connected to myself then I was when I arrived. It sort of blew my mind what a weekend away with the right people and experiences could do. It was exactly what I needed… and I am so thankful I chose to go. I received so much from the weekend, and am seeing and feeling the shifts in my life that are happening now after the “ work “ we did on ourselves. Thank you Joy and Natalie for pouring your hearts into this retreat and to all of the woman who showed up. Such a magical and heart expanding weekend." ~ Marla

"The weekend retreat was a perfect blend of practical information and somatic energy release" ~ Sofia Goswin

Want to get to know Emily & Joy and sample this material before registering for the retreat? Needing to prepare for challenging relationships over the holiday season? 

Join us for 'Holding Space For The Holidays' - An online workshop to introduce you to the concepts of holding space and provide you with tools to better navigate challenging relationships over the holiday season.

Sunday Nov 27 2:00-4:30 pm CST or Sunday Dec 11 2:00- 4:30 pm CST

Choose Nov 27 or Dec 11 2-4:30 pm CST Are you wanting greater self-awareness and connection in your interpersonal relationships over the holiday season? In this introdu...
Holding Space For The Holidays
2 hr 30 min
This is the deposit to reserve your seat for 'Connection & Containers of Support' Retreat. Friday Jan 20 @ 7pm - Sunday Jan 22 @ 3pm Kaleida MB (2 hr SW Winnipeg, 2 hr...
January Retreat Deposit