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Crystal balls & self-adjusting into a new year.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Like you, I'm dusting my hands of 2020. Good bye. See you later. Good riddance. Hoping for a fresh new beginning.


I don't expect circumstances around me to change a great deal for the beginning of 2021.

As I shake my 'crystal ball' and peer into the beginnings of 2021, I see things staying in a state of uncertainty and ongoing change. Sorry if that's not the elated new year's message you are hoping to read, it's just what me and mine are expecting and preparing for. The circumstances we are in, are not likely to change with the flipping of the calendar page, crossing of fingers and popping of champagne.

Ultimately, the world is unfolding as it should & there is so much good.

Don't get me wrong, I ultimately have hope in humanity and the world is unfolding as it should. Yes, I really do. As much as I struggle against the 'drama of the day', at my core, I trust that we are going through the necessary chaos that is required for something new and more beneficial to emerge for us as human beings on this planet.

I admire the people who are putting forth positive things in the world.

Whether it's the teachers I know giving 110% for their students, my own sister working to ensure food supply, the courageous calm-voiced activists I admire, or my energy worker friends envisioning more compassion globally, I'm inspired.

The last couple days have brought me more clarity around my role and work.

That old adage 'Be the change you want to see in the world' is coming through in spades. As much as I plan to continue advocating for the societal changes our family values, I'm working on accepting there are some aspects of our situation that are out of my 'lane of influence'. And thus, I am trying to look within as much (and if not more) as I'm taking in the 'all angles information' that never seems to cease. I'm inquiring, 'What is my work here?', 'What within me can I change?' and, 'How can I 'self- adjust', in order to adapt and/or respond in the most skillful way (instead of meeting things head on, which doesn't always serve my nervous system so well).

Speaking of nervous system wellness, join me for 'Resilient' (a 5 week small group online experiential learning journey exploring movement as a source of adaptability and nervous system regulation). We begin Jan 11th!

I don't have a crystal ball, but I'm 99% on these things;

It won't be perfect. There will be messes, fumbles, and apologies. There will be more pausing for self check-ins. There will be more listening, more time in quiet, and more time in the woods. There will be more strength, boundaries and choosing what's best for me. There will be more softening, and laughter and appreciation. There will be even more valuing of myself and refining my practices that serve others.

Give your own crystal ball a shake.

What are you seeing for yourself in the beginnings of 2021? What's in store for you? What is your work in this? What changes are you anticipating? How will you be self-adjusting to respond with even more skill?

I'm off to put some wings in the oven and get that champagne into the ice bucket. Like you, I'll flip that calendar over. With fingers crossed. And the ability to self-adjust to life as it comes.

Joy Onyschak helps people with stress, tension and disconnection with their bodies find the ease and wholeness they seek through a variety of simple, body-based, felt-sense practices. She lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband, 2 teens and her cat, Hobbes. Visit her website to access free resources, and register for private sessions or group classes in 2021.

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