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Welcome to Joy Somatics, the evolution of 'Yoga with Joy' located in the heart of St. Vital, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Now serving you both in-person and on-line. 


Are you;

  • Tight, stiff and sore? Feeling restricted in your breath or movement? 

  • Wanting more resiliency, suppleness, balance and strength?

  • Experiencing insomnia? Swings in mood or energy?

  • Having trouble slowing down/busy mind? Or feeling 'stuck'/can't get going?

  • Wanting more self awareness and a better relationship to your body?

  • Sense that stress or life events are somehow contributing to all of this?

  • Wanting more wholeness, joy and better connection to your inner wisdom?

I help busy, stressed people slow down, go within and release old patterns that are contributing to stiffness and tension and find new possibilities through simple, body-based practices. More than ever, we need to slow down and de-stress our bodies. More than ever, we need to practice finding our inner calm so we can respond to life well. 

July & August Group Movement Classes until Aug 21.

The following classes have room to drop in;


Private Sessions 

  • Available both in-person (2 locations) and on-line.


About Joy

I am a trauma informed yoga and Bodymind Ballwork teacher, somatic movement therapist, breathwork facilitator and circle host. My services weave my love of movement, mindfulness and the power of human connection.

Note this service is also available on-line using zoom (see 'Private On-line) for those wanting to practice from own home/remotely. COVID 19 Pandemic precautions: In or...
Private Numa Breathwork @ 161 Stafford
1 hr 45 min
SomaSensing Somatic Movement Therapy is based on nervous system physiology (polyvagal theory), current facial research and biotensegrity. With inquiring guidance you may ...
Private SomaSensing Intro St.VitalStudio
1 hr 30 min
Note this service is also available on-line for those preferring to access remotely. Covid-19 precautions: Anyone ill, living with someone who is ill, or travelled outsi...
Private SomaSensing Intro @161 Stafford
1 hr 30 min
Are you experiencing tension and stress? Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness? Experience this movement practice from the comfort of your home. Using an easy to u...
Private SomaSensing On-line
1 hr

Freedom with every breath


Increase your self-awareness and release stored tension.  Connect the conscious and the unconscious through a compassionate, guided technique designed to optimize oxygen delivery and facilitate the release of stored stress in the body. 


Let your body speak


Let your body lead the way as you learn simple, gentle techniques that rejuvenate your tissues and settle your nervous system. Gain insights into your body’s needs by listening to sensations within. 


Balance and harmony


Rejuvenate, reduce pain, improve range of motion, gain integrated strength and access inner ease. Experience freedom within structure using a unique and blended approach to your yoga practice. 


Connect and communicate


Practice listening with attention, speaking with intention and tending to the whole. We all experience challenges in our interpersonal relationships within the workplace, family, teams and community. Sharing Space offers a facilitator-guided, empathic environment for organizations, teams, and groups, to share and exercise greater self-awareness and presence while in communication with others.


Contact Joy

Curious on where to start? Have questions about private individual or group sessions?

Email Joy to request a free 15 minute phone consultation.


164 Vista Ave Winnipeg, MB

R2M 4Y7

Tel: 204-256-0360




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