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Move. Breathe. Connect.

Joy Somatics

Welcome to Joy Somatics.  Leading individuals and groups to authentic wellness since 2009 in Winnipeg, Canada (& now online).

I help adults experiencing the after effects of chronic stress and trauma regulate, release, and repattern their nervous systems so they can find resiliency and presence for their lives. 

I provide body-based practices and trainings that;

  • Improve embodied self-awareness,

  • Reduce pain and increase range of motion,

  • Acknowledge, process and release stored stress

  • Increase nervous system literacy, regulation and repair

  • Develop greater self-compassion, self-appreciation, and agency 

  • Change relationships to past events and trauma

  • Improve personal capacity, health and wholeness.


As someone who regularly sees the ramifications of oppression and trauma through my clients' stories, I am a strong advocate for freedom of body and speech, equity, medical autonomy and the protection of privacy. I strive to create learning spaces that are unifying & accessible. 'Pay from the heart' options are available for some of my services, reach out if you are in need. 

About Joy

As a trauma-informed somatic guide, I  help people get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can release old patterns, explore new possibilities and be more present for their lives.  

I offer a variety of simple, body-based practices that weave my love of movement, mindfulness and the power of human connection.