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Joy Somatics

Say farewell to overwhelm, chronic tension, and confusion about your body's symptoms and say hello to grounded calm, presence, and self-trust. My personalized somatic sessions, courses, and group events will help you increase your embodied self-awareness, and improve your ability to be present for your life.  


Are you experiencing tension and stiffness that won't budge? Challenges with your breathing? Always in your head and have trouble slowing down?

Perfectionism or constant worry? Stuck in procrastination, lack of focus? Feeling burnt out?


Sessions are tailored to your needs and weave inquiry into your body's sensations, breathing habits, gentle movement, nervous system literacy, and self-regulation tools.

New here? This is where most people begin.


Are you looking for a natural way to explore and resolve physical and emotional challenges? 


Somatic Breathwork is a transformational practice that strategically weaves together the power of Conscious Connected Breathwork, mindful somatic inquiry, and sound.

 Note: If you are new to this type of breathwork practice, I suggest you book a 1:1 Somatic Session first so I can assess if it's suitable for you right now. 


Join me in-person at intimate events, retreats, and workshops.


Joy co-creates and facilitates  transformative group events that expand self- knowledge and foster authentic connection. 

Group sizes are intimate and sell out quickly.  Check out what's coming up, and sign up for my newsletter so you never miss an update.

Looking for an experienced presenter for your wellness event?

 Contact Joy to discuss your needs.


Already a client?

Retreat in Ecuador

Journey to the Center

Join us in February 2025 where myself and my co-hosts will be taking 12 guests to the center of the world for a once in a lifetime experience. Check out the details & add your name to the registration waitlist. Registration opens March 2024.

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I'm Joy

As a trauma-informed Somatic Practitioner, I help people get out of their heads and into their bodies where they can acknowledge and release old patterns, explore new possibilities and be present for their lives.


I specialize in helping adults, who are experiencing overwhelm and tension after chronic stress and/or trauma, learn how to self-regulate and befriend their body. 

I weave a variety of personalized body-based practices, including gentle movement, somatic inquiry, breathwork, and nervous system awareness.  

Contact Joy

Had a look around and still not sure where to start? Email Joy today.  

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230-600 St. Anne's Rd

St. Vital, Winnipeg, MB

Tel: 204-918-2829

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