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Welcome to Joy Somatics, helping people unwind, de-stress and befriend their bodies for 12 years in St. Vital, Winnipeg, Canada. 

I help people who are struggling with chronic stress and tension, who seek more presence and calmness in their life. I guide individuals and groups to move mindfully, breathe freely, and ultimately feel better.    


I offer private somatic therapy & coaching (movement and breathwork) and weekly group somatic movement classes.



  • All group movement classes are on-line.

  • Private sessions are available both in-person and online (zoom)  

  • For more info, see Covid-19 Update


About Joy

As a trauma-informed somatic coach, I  help people to get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can release old tension patterns and explore new possibilities.  

I offer a variety of simple, body-based practices that weave my love of movement, mindfulness and the power of human connection.

Intuitively unwind and release stuck patterns of stress, tension and trauma from your body and mind. Based on your unique needs and intentions, this session draws from ...
Private Somatic Release In-Person
1 hr 30 min
Although online registration is closed, you can still join in! Email Joy to receive the recordings of the live sessions. You are not to late to join us. And if you prefer...
Savor - Summer Movement with Joy
Started Jul 6
Experience skillful and compassionate guidance to unwind and release stuck patterns from your body and mind. Based on your unique needs and intentions, this session draw...
Somatic Release Private Online
1 hr 15 min
Revitalize your tissues, soothe your nervous system and re-discover youthful suppleness and wholeness. Is stress showing up in your body? Tied up in knots with tension,...
Private Intuitive Unwind In-Person
1 hr

Freedom with every breath


Wanting a deeper dive? 

I guide people who are on a path of self-discovery and want to explore what's beneath the surface. With compassionate guidance, experience the release of stored stress, held stories and belief systems so you can get back to optimal breathing. 


Let your body speak


Needing to sooth your nervous system and find more  resiliency?

I help people with chronic stress, tension and overwhelm find the inner ease and improved relationship with their bodies they desire. 

Surprisingly simple, you will release tension efficiently and get back to suppleness and ease. 


Balance and harmony


Think you're too stiff and sore for yoga? Think again.

I lead movement classes for people with tension and stiffness who want the structure of yoga class with the permission to move intuitively and really enjoy their practice.  


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230-600 St. Anne's Rd

St. Vital, Winnipeg, MB

Tel: 204-918-2829