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Connect and communicate


Is your community group or team struggling to get things done harmoniously? Not hearing all perspectives?  Something is off and you can't put your finger on it? We all have trouble with communicating at times. And when we don't feel heard or valued, we disengage. 


Practice listening with attention, speaking with intention and tending to the whole so we can gain better understanding, get to the heart of the matter, and even explore new possibilities.

Change the Chairs – Change the Conversation  

Joy hosts authentic conversations using elements of The Circle Way, which is a highly adaptable container for meaningful conversations.

Who needs these intentional, authentic conversations? Well, we all do.   

"Joy creates an environment where everybody's voice gets heard, truths can be shared, and new perspectives are gained."

- Janelle Cancade-White, heartSway Counselling and Peer Support Inc.

I work with groups who:

  • Really want authentic communication and meaningful meetings

  • Need to re-connect to why you are here

  • Are lacking engagement or stuck in the same old patterns

  • Need a platform where everyone can be heard

  • Want to plan and make decisions more collaboratively

  • Appreciate the wisdom that arises from presence and good listening

  • Are navigating uncertainty, possibility and transformation

  • Desire a method for checking in and being present with each other


This work may apply to:

  • Community groups

  • Small businesses/teams

  • Spiritual communities

  • School parent councils, parenting groups

  • Peer support groups

  • …and more

If your group would benefit from a facilitator-guided, authentic, intentional conversation, connect with me to discuss how I can meet your group's needs. 

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