'When the restoration of sensation is complete, they usually give utterance to feelings of astonishment & joy...'

- Soller (1897)


'The quickest way to get out of your mind is to get into your body.'

-Joanne Avision


This practice takes me back to being a kid.

Finding movements I enjoy. 

- Claudia Keating

Be present for each moment. 

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Savor - Summer Somatic Movement 


The feel of cool water as you dive in. The colors of that sunset.

The smell of the forest beneath your feet. The warmth of those late night campfire talks. And the fresh, crisp tastes. Summer in Canada is short, sweet, and pretty darn extraordinary.

And yet, we can miss a lot of it. If you're like most people, you 'hurry up to slow down' this time of year and can speed through some pretty nourishing summer moments.  Because you're busy and trying to fit it all in, you don't always take enough time to savor and really enjoy the simple, replenishing sensations the season has to offer.  

After this long, difficult year, I know you are really craving connection with yourself and need to restore your nervous system. You need to rest, to replenish and to build your capacity to sustain yourself through the next fall/winter cycle.  

I get it. Me too. And that's why I've created this sweet summer offer for movement lovers. But first, let's see if this is for you...

Are you;

  • Carrying a lot of stress in your body and needing to schedule in some 'me time'?

  • Experiencing stiffness and even pain in your joints and tissues?

  • Looking for a regular, gentle movement practice that brings more resilience into your body?

  • Looking for a mindfulness practice that includes movement?

  • Searching for an authentic, respectful and curious community to practice with? 

  • Wanting more youthful suppleness in your body?

  • Needing more joyfulness, creativity and capacity to experience beauty this season?

  • Simply wanting a summer filled with presence, calm and appreciation?


If you answered yes to a few of those questions, consider yourself in the right place. As a somatic movement facilitator and coach, I help people recovering from chronic stress release patterns of tension and access the joyful, calm presence they seek.  I love sharing this work because it's efficient, simple and people feel the results flow into their lives.   

Welcome to this 6-week, Summer movement session! 

July 6 - Aug 13 (12 online classes) 

  • Live Tuesdays  & Fridays 9:30-10:30 (8 am PCT, 12 pm EST, 4 pm London)

  • Tuesdays: Weekly Foundations Class. Expect a bit of theory (to satisfy your intellect) and guided movement - VIDEO recording provided for these classes.

  • Fridays: Freestyle Class. Expect more free movement cueing (designed for you to find your own movement patterns) - AUDIO recordings provided for these classes. 


How it works

Once you sign up, you will have access to;

  • 2 - 45 min. live online classes/week (using zoom, recorded)

  • Optional 10 min debrief, Q&A after each class. 

  • Weekly themes with simple home practices to integrate into daily life. 

  • Recordings from the summer session plus a small library of other practices to enjoy. 

  • That's it. When times are complex, we need simplicity.  No Facebook groups to keep up with or complex theory to study. Just some time in with your body, practicing being 'here now' and remembering how to take care of you.

Are you new to Somatic Movement with Joy

So what is somatic movement anyways? And what can I expect? 

'Soma' is a Greek word that means 'to perceive the body from within'. Somatic movement is both MOVING FROM INNER FELT SENSE (instead of alignment instructions) and NOTICING WHAT YOU SENSE as you are moving. The benefits include being more in touch with your gut and emotions, and REGULATING YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM.  Yes, all from a simple, gentle movement practice... how cool is that?! Learn more about somatic movement with Joy here.

What do I need to participate:

  • No special equipment or prior experience is required.

  • Device and access to zoom.

  • An uninterrupted hour 2x/week.

  • A few square meters of space (more if you have it and outdoors is recommended if your wifi and the weather permits!). 

  • Your curiosity and willingness to slow down and try something new. 


'Sometimes choices are better made by the body 

than the mind.'

-Dr. Claudia Welch


'This practice has been a way of freeing myself during this time.' -Gisele Clark

Common Questions;

  • What if I can only make one class/week or I miss a week?

    • The classes will be recorded for you to take in at your convenience. 

  • Can I drop in?

    • Although I typically have drop-ins for my community classes, this session does not have that option. You need to register for the full 6 weeks. 

  • I've taken somatic movement courses with Joy Somatics before, how will this be different?

    • First off, thanks for being here (or circling back).

    • The foundational classes on Tuesdays are a great basics refresher.

    • Expect reminders about familiar things (fascia, biotensegrity and your nervous system).  

    • Enjoy even more 'embodied learning' with less time in theory (plus the format is 45 min 2x/week instead of 90 min 1/week to spread out 'screen time'). 

    • Expect to experience more options for movement exploration. 

  • How do I register? What are the payment options? 

    • You register here online. ​An intake form and waiver is required prior to start date. 

    • You have the option to pay online using credit card or paypal and you can also e-transfer me to confirm your seat. Cheques accepted from Winnipeg locals.

    • Note: If you are experiencing financial hardship due to restrictions and lockdown measures (i.e. making this choice affects your grocery budget), please reach out to me right away as there are limited partial scholarships available. Yes, I'm serious, reach out to me. I've benefitted from others' generosity at times in my life and I pay it forward. 

    • Simply click on the 'Book it' box below and follow the prompts. 

'I wish I had found this practice years ago. The benefits go beyond my yoga practice and with such little effort.'

                                      - Zareeda Awang