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Be nourished by nature.  

The Summer Forest Walker's Circles are now complete. 


'When the world makes no sense, drink water, get into nature, and gather.' - Joy 


Being in nature is one of the most healing sources for our frayed nervous systems. It restores, replenishes and nourishes our soul. We too are nature's design and we remember that best when we are immersed in it. Authentic human connection has a powerful effect on our sense of belonging and overall health. Long before covid-19, we have been longing for more time in nature and a genuine connection with ourselves and others. This past year has highlighted the necessity of these basic, human needs.  

Join Joy and the 'Circly Hiking Crew' this summer to explore trails in the stunning Whiteshell Provincial Provincial Park together. Each hike is an opportunity to be immersed in nature, be in vibrant company, and includes and introduction/practice of circle.  Schedule below. 

What is circle?

Circle provides a soft structure for us to come together. It is a conscious and meaningful way of listening and sharing our voices, of hearing and being heard. Using elements from The Circle Way, we will co-create a container for spontaneous, authentic conversation.  

How does this work? Do I sign up? Is there a fee? 

  • Dates, hikes and details are listed below. Details will be updated here and on social media as the dates approach. 

  • Email or message Joy which hikes you intend to join so she knows to expect you (and can help you locate the group).

  • For those on social media, it's recommended to follow @Joysomatics on Facebook and/or Instagram to stay up to date (weather changes). 

  • There is no set fee for these events, however, for her time, Joy is collecting monetary donations for The Community Care Fund - a local, grassroots fund that supports Manitoban's experiencing financial difficulty access therapy.

  • Each hike will include a 30 min (ish) introduction and circle practice (expect at a rest stop part way through the hike). Agreements of respect and confidentiality are requirements to attend. 

  • All are welcome, regardless of age, gender, religion, race and sexuality. ​These hikes will be enjoyed by mature teenagers and adults. Children won't last long, nor be interested in circle. Dogs on leashes to respect other hikers and be bear smart. 

Do I have to be in great shape/expert hiker to join in? 

  • No. Joy is not an experienced guide or hiker. We are selecting easy-intermediate hikes for this reason. 

  • Accessibility is the hikers responsibility. Joy will be exploring some of these trails for the first time this year, so please do your own research (links to trail info provided below) regarding if a trail is suitable for you and prepare yourself accordingly. 

  • This isn't a competition or a race. It's about getting out in nature and connecting with one another.  

  • If you are a trail runner or biker, you are welcome to join us, however, this is really about slowing down to literally 'smell the roses'. 

What to bring?

  • Water bottle, a snack, bug repellent, sunscreen, hat, dress for the 'weather of the day', adequate footwear.

  • You can also bring your hesitation, anxiety, grief, your imperfect body and your willingness to be 'real' with one another.

A note about Covid-19

  • This is meant to be a space for freedom (no masks or vaccine stickers required here). 

  • Circle includes the passing a talking piece from one another. 

  • Although everyone is welcome, if you are at all concerned about the spread of respiratory viruses while outside, you likely won't enjoy this group. 

Let's raise our vibration together and let nature lead the way to connection, wholeness and wellness this summer.  

Joy's cell is 204-918-2829

Internet service is poor in parts of the Whiteshell, so plan ahead and let us know you are coming. Text message Joy if you need help finding the group.

Sat. July 3

Faloma-West Hawk
 Visit @joysomatics
on IG & FB to see pics

 TransCanada Trail between Falcon & West Hawk

This is an 8 km moderate point to point trail (of which we will hike 2 hours  due to heat wave). 


Meet at Faloma Beach Marina (few miles East of Falcon Lake on Hwy 301).

Meet & Greet 8:00 am

 Depart 8:15 am

Sat July 10
Lost Lake Trail

Visit @joysomaticson IG & FB to see pics 

Lost Lake Route #2

(West Hawk area) 

7 Km Easy in & out (approx 2 hr hike plus 20 min circle/rest stop).

Option to hike a portion - group decisions will be made!

Note there are two Lost Lake routes. See map. We are hiking route #2 as it is more scenic. Meet at trail head off PR#312

(#312 runs off #44, a few miles north of West Hawk)

Meet & Greet 8:15 am

 Depart 8:30 am

Sunday Aug 1
Big Whiteshell Castle Rock / Mantario Trail


Big Whiteshell Castle Rock

 This is a 17km moderate trail and we will be hiking an agreed upon portion of this (likely 1/2).

Meet North Trail Head of Mantario Trail ,end of Rd #309.

Meet & Greet 8:15 am

 Depart 8:30 am

Sunday Aug 8
Pine Point Rapids

Highway 307 between Nutimik and Jessica Lake.

9km moderate loop. Options to shorten the route. 

Meet & Greet 9:15 am

 Depart 9:30 am

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