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'Consciously Connected'
Breathwork Community Journeys

'The way out is through.' - Michael Brown - The Presence Process.

  Release stored stress & suppressed emotions.
Gain insight & clarity.
Connect with others on a deeper level. 


'Gathering In' 
~ Fall Equinox Community Breathwork Journey ~

Friday Sept 22, 2023
7:00-9:45 pm
15 St. Mark's Place, Old St. Vital
St. Mark's Church Hall


Max 15 participants 

See notes and precautions below. 

fitness, sport and healthy lifestyle concept - group of people making yoga exercises on ma

About this event & what to expect
During the autumnal equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres get the same amount of daylight hours.
It's a marked midpoint and space of balance in nature. 
After a rapid summer here in Manitoba, we'll co-create a container to pause and honor the shift in the season and the corresponding shifts in our own physiology with breathwork, connection and community.
pening Circle & Intentions 
~ Authentic dialogue

~75 minute guided breathwork journey

~Indigenous medicines & ceremony
~Integration & Closing Circle 
~Snack & Tea, Community Connection

Conscious Connected Breathwork has been used in ancient cultures as medicine for 'dis-ease' and to gain insight into life and our role within it.  Pay attention to your breath and you'll often find it reminds you of your life: How would you describe yours today? Effortful, Balanced, Easeful, Just getting by? Breathwork is an opportunity to pause and shine the inner light of awareness onto your own subconscious, to greet what we find and process it in the most beneficial way. 

Important Notes & Precautions:

Meet Your Hosts 

Jason Binkley.jpg

Jason Binkley
MSW-IK Breathwork Facilitator
& Indigenous Ceremony

Jason is an independent consultant primarily serving Indigenous organizations and groups who are seeking understanding, and help with traditional healing, intergenerational trauma, and challenges related to colonization. These services include Indigenous Wellness Therapy, workshop facilitation, assisting with Traditional Wellness Clinics and facilitating breathwork journeys and traditional Indigenous ceremonies. 


Jason offers his rich life experience, Indigenous medicines, drumming and song to our breathwork journeys. 


Joy Onyschak
Somatic Practitioner & Breathwork Facilitator

Joy is a Somatic Practitioner  and Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator with over 13 years experience leading individuals and groups to innate wellness. She has 400-hr Numa Breathwork facilitation training, including advanced training for trauma. She offers her services in 1:1, at breathwork events, community wellness workshops, and intimate retreats. 

Joy loves to incorporate elements of Circle into her events, and is known for her genuine and welcoming nature. 

Learn more about Joy here. 

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Dana Sawatzky
RMT, Breathwork Facilitator,  Labour & Delivery Massage Therapist

Dana has been working with people and their bodies a a RMT for over 10 years. She has actively sought out education & certifications that support her clients on and off the massage table. She is a Labour and Delivery Massage Therapist, birth educator and certified Breathwork Facilitator.


Dana supports participants uniquely through touch, spoken word and frequency medicine during breathwork journeys.

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Questions or trouble booking? email or text 204-918-2829 
Learn more about Conscious Connected Breathwork here
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Private appointments with Joy are also available.

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